WEIGHT001 BALDO exclusive weight

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WEIGHT001 BALDO exclusive weight

By adjusting the variable weight, it is possible to tune the ball to the golfer's preferred trajectory.
We can deliver the weight you want, even if it's just one piece.

The 2021/2022 model exclusive weights are equipped with aluminum washers in addition to the usual rubber O-rings to soften the feel and sound of the impact. Experience the improved BALDO impact feel.

■Regarding compatibility of weights (type-H) for the 2021/2022 model "CORSA DRIVER," it is possible to attach weights for the "2021 CORSA DRIVER" to the previous models, "2020 CORSA DRIVER" and "2019 568 DRIVER (KAMIKAZE)."
However, the top cover has been reinforced and is thicker than before. Therefore, when you tighten the weight, the top part does not fit in completely and sticks out a little, but this does not affect the functionality.
*Please note that this is not compatible with FW/UT/HYBRID.

■Regarding the replaceable weights for the 2021/2022 model "CORSA FW", all weights on the face side can be replaced, but only the rear weights can be replaced with "2g, 4g, 6g".
Attaching weights of 8g or more to the rear side will damage the crown, so please only attach weights of 2g, 4g, or 6g to the rear side.

*A dedicated wrench is not included with the weights.
The weights sold come with O-rings attached,
We sell O-rings as spares in case of deterioration.
⇒ Click here for O-rings for weights

Please be sure to check the "Weight Compatibility List" below before purchasing.