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Using up all 14 tools,
The choice to conquer the course with a "two-sword style"

To make the most of the course, fades and draws are necessary depending on the hole, and two types of drivers are needed to hit them reliably. What are the advantages of the Brassy Mini Driver? First of all, the shaft is short, so it is easy to swing through. In addition, it is easy to hit the ball slightly above the sweet spot by teeing it low. Also, if the head volume is small, the center of gravity is inevitably closer to the face, making it easier to hit a low spin trajectory even with a larger loft angle than a driver. A short shaft not only makes it easier to swing through, but also prevents the ball from rising too high. As a result, in windy conditions, it can hit a lower trajectory and lower spin ball than a driver, so it has the potential to fly further than a driver. Baldo's answer to the jigsaw puzzle of course strategy, which requires combining 14 tools, is the "Brassy."


By adopting this structure
We can't make a 460cc driver.

It is made by combining 4 types of materials, titanium face and body, stainless steel power plate, carbon crown, and tungsten weight, in the most optimal positions. Furthermore, the use of an adjustable sleeve allows fine adjustment of the face angle and loft angle, allowing golfers to select the optimal sleeve position for themselves. With this multi-material structure, the BALDO CORSA BRASSI is a highly advantageous "distance tool" that would not be possible with a 460cc driver.


The forged face uses DAT 55G to achieve a large repulsion area. The entire face between the score lines is micro-laser milled to increase the ball's bite and produce a stable shot. Despite the 41mm face height, the low center of gravity design with a 21mm center of gravity height provides a long effective impact distance, and produces a strong low-spin trajectory that is comparable to that of a driver. In addition, the variable sleeve allows you to fine-tune the face angle and loft angle to select the optimal sleeve position.


The approximately 60g power plate made of stainless steel and the total of 16g ​​of tungsten weights lower the center of gravity, while the sole design, which pursues freedom of movement, makes it extremely easy to hit the ball.


Size (head volume) Loft angle Lie angle weight Center of Gravity Distance Center of gravity depth Center of gravity height
240cc 12° 58° 210g 36.5mm 37.0mm 21mm

[ Material manufacturing method ]
Body: 8-1-1Ti precision casting Variable sleeve 1.2 (standard equipment)
Face: DAT55G precision forged NEW cup face Micro laser milling score lines [ Weight ]
Standard: 8g + 8g Sold separately: 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g, 14g
Weights can be attached: Weights on the face side are not supported.
Only available on the rear side: 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g, 14g
[ Head price ]
65,000 yen (excluding tax) 71,500 yen (including tax)
Head cover sold separately 3,800 yen (excluding tax) 4,180 yen (including tax)
Variable Sleeve 1.2/1.5 [sold separately] 4,000 yen (excluding tax) 4,400 yen (including tax)
Torque wrench (sold separately) 3,000 yen (excluding tax) 3,300 yen (including tax)

*Loft angle and lie angle are the values ​​when the adjustable sleeve position is N.
*The variable sleeve can be used in common with SKY DRIVE.
*The weight can be freely changed by changing the weight.
*Please note that there may be slight differences between the product and the specifications shown.