Just wearing it makes you feel good.
For a higher level of golfer.

The moment I put it on, I get a sense of what I'll be like today.
You can be sure of the future in these risky situations.
We are able to meet expectations thanks to the spirit we have cultivated at "BALDO."
Made with chic design and high-quality materials,
A golf wear brand for serious adults has been born.
With clothing that is designed for appearance, comfort and functionality, players can become stronger.
Make your branding even more attractive.

Spirit Of


Chic and glamorous

It's chic, but it also looks elegant. We want to pursue the real coolness that can only be achieved through normal clothing. A bold and stylish design that doesn't require logos or colorfulness. After finishing playing, you can just throw on the jacket and go out on the town. And vice versa. You can enjoy being yourself without being bound by the scene.


A cool form

What is most important is the shape when worn. For example, to make your legs look beautiful, we make repeated prototypes of the thigh width, hem width, and length of pants down to the millimeter, with the same attention to detail as if they were made to order. There is no stress caused by the depth of the pockets or the position of the tags. Carefully thought-out sizing and attention to detail ensure that the shape remains cool throughout the day.


Best comfort

High-quality materials won't get in the way of your inspiration. They won't crease, break up, or twist. Our lineup is tailored to the season and the occasion, so you can choose the right clothes to wear depending on the temperature of the day. They're high quality, but relaxed. "We've finally found it." Enjoy the best performance with the best comfort.