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Regarding our products sold via the internet, such as online auctions and SNS

Thank you for your continued patronage of BALDO products.

As a manufacturer and distributor of golf equipment including various golf clubs and heads,
Our products are sold at authorized affiliated stores nationwide.

For all club heads, including drivers, fairways, utilities, irons, wedges, and putters,
We do not sell to private customers.
Similarly, authorized dealers will not sell the head alone to customers.

We believe that golf clubs should be in the best condition for the player who uses them.
We custom-make the combination of parts such as heads and shafts.
It is also necessary to control the weight, which affects the swing feel, and the loft angle, which affects the flight distance and trajectory, so
Sales will be based on professional counseling provided in-store.

In recent years, we have seen heads being listed separately on online auction sites and social media, but this is a sales method that is fundamentally unacceptable.
Evangelist Japan, which manufactures and sells BALDO,
We believe in providing products with optimal specifications for each individual customer.

We specialize in creating precise custom specifications that are not easily possible in a store, and even products that appear to be the same can have significantly different weights and angles.

We cannot guarantee the functionality or performance of BALDO products purchased from any store other than an authorized retailer.
Additionally, please be aware that we are unable to handle any repairs or inquiries regarding new and unused items.